Software & Systems

Rotunda Systems are a leading Developer & Software Provider to the UK Gaming & Leisure Sector. We have created several bespoke packages for our clients, from SMS Promotional Tools to Part Ordering Portals and much more. If you have a problem, we are here to create the solution!

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Introducing Digital Scratchcards – Entertain & Reward your customers with Digital Scratchcards and other games. No more printing & distribution costs, no more customer fraud. All centrally managed and controlled by your Rotunda Promotions system.

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Rotunda servicing

Trying to keep track of Part Orders?
Tired of chasing returns for advanced replacements?
Frustrated with Engineers not fixing recurring problems?
Want to understand the true cost of machine servicing by machine?

The Rotunda Servicing App is here....easily keep a track of out of orders, non-critical faults, and parts orders across your machine estate; Improve the tracking of parts and returns, and directly attribute the cost of the parts to machines.

rotunda promotions

Rotunda Promotions enables you to organise flash promotions with SMSs that arrive directly in your customers’ pockets, being opened and read within minutes.

Send SMS offers for use on multiple days to reduce SMS costs when sending targeted offers to
your customers

Quantum integration so redemptions are fully trackable against members & against your collection data. Redeem from your venue iPad or through Eurocoin Paystation for seamless accounting

rotunda loyalty

Rotunda Loyalty is our new Loyalty engine that enables our clients to track and reward the visits of their customers, whether through Mifare card or directly on their device.

With complex IFTT algorithms the system allows the client to set up a raft of rules to automate rewards and offers to customers based upon their visit and redemptions patterns.